The Los Angeles Drama Critics’ Circle Award and nominated for multiple Ovation Awards.






















The Extraordinary Story of Simon Wiesenthal which is filled with hope, humanity and humor as told by actor and master storyteller, Tom Dugan. 


You will be introduced to Wiesenthal on the day before his retirement as he welcomes his final group of Americans to his office in The Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna, 


WIESENTHAL is a highly entertaining show which recounts how Wiesenthal escaped death at the hands of Hitler's S.S. before devoting his life to bringing 1,100 war criminals to justice.  It is a remarkable performance that gives equal weight to Simon Wiesenthal’s humor, wisdom and wit during his long and purposeful life. 


We agree with the critic who wrote.


“ Tom Dugan’s transcendent performance and compelling material creates PURE THEATRICAL MAGIC by a riveting and brilliant tour de force."


You've seen Tom Dugan in many TV shows including BONES, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and FRIENDS.


Audiences in the United States and Canada of every age and background have jumped to their feet at the touching conclusion of this extraordinary story. WIESENTHAL will open at the Stage Door Theater in Coral Springs, Florida in January 2014. 


Don’t miss WIESENTHAL before it’s journey to New York City !


This is a story you will never forget. I TRUST YOU. 




"Righteous stories told here that you will not forget." - LA Times



"Dugan's performance is masterful." - Backstage

"...Tom Dugan wrote and headlines this one-person show. And then he disappears. In his place is the aged, wily, welcoming, forgetful, never-forgetting, unforgettable legend, Simon Wiesenthal..." - Backstage

"Dugan’s transcendent performance and the compelling material creates pure theatrical magic..." - Stage and Cinema







"I can’t imagine a more important or moving way to spend an afternoon or evening. This play should be required viewing for anyone who is a part of the human race !"  – Claire Bowman, Rancher, Starbuck’s Ojai Valley Ranch


"A LIFE CHANGING SHOW – wonderfully crafted, charming (yes, charming!) handling of the subject matter and brilliant storytelling. I am not Jewish, but as an African-American I can identify with the injustices the Jews endured and can draw parallels to the struggles of my own people. But more importantly, this play transcends race and religion. It is marvelously UNIVERSAL in it's scope and message. I was truly touched and enlightened by this solo show--the writing, the acting, the direction... I will never forget."  – Yvette Heyliger, Independent Producer 


"This was simply brilliant! I will never forget this experience. I am coming back again (my fifth time) and cannot wait to share this with my grandson." – Hal Wasserman, Tax Preparer 


"Mr. Dugan’s performance is breathtaking. My husband and I met in Paris after the liberation and this brought back for me all the memories - joy, relief, a renewed optimism in humanity and a sense that all would be right with the world."  – Micheline Sakharoff, Retired Professor, Cal State Northridge


"I trust you. Those three words are the most powerful in the universe and today I remembered what they meant. This production is a must-see for those of every religion and belief. What an amazing performance! And what a clear presentation of a story that we must never forget, and a human tragedy beyond description that we must never allow to take place again.  In short, it was an evening always to be remembered." – Mel Cheatham, M.D., Clinical Professor, UCLA Department of Neurosurgery, Board Member, Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


"This is a magnificent play that needs to be seen by all young people. Books, films and documentaries are very informative but there is nothing as effective as a live theatrical presentation to help people understand the Holocaust and remember the important lessons that must be learned from it.” – Adair Kline, Simon Wiesenthal Center




"Dear Mr. Dugan,


     I am 78 years old. I have just seen your wonderful show  Wiesenthal and I must tell you that I spent 3 days in the company of Simon Wiesenthal some years ago. After watching your incredible  performance this evening my only comment is "You are Simon Wiesenthal"...Thank you for a great evening."




"Dear Mr Dugan,


     I am 16 years old and I went to see Wiesenthal with my mother and brother this afternoon. I want to tell you that I liked your show very much and you do not suck."





 Where to begin praising Tom Dugan?  Should it be as a researcher who spent countless hours honing just the right material? Should it be as a playwright who shaped this compelling material into a superb one-man show? Or should it be as an actor who mesmerized audiences with his brilliant portrayal of Wiesenthal, the legendary Nazi Hunter.

All three !


The play opens in 2003, on the day Wiesenthal is closing down his Vienna office after 58 years of sleuthing which brought down 1,100 Nazi war criminals (although he later laments that this was only 5% of the total). He is a man not filled with passion for revenge — but with passion for Justice. On this last day, as he packs up his memorabilia, he addresses the audience as if we were touring American students on a visit, taking time to inform us, although he had promised his wife to curtail his teaching.


Throughout, there is a brilliant weaving of material: his own personal history during the holocaust, tales of specific war criminals hunted and caught (in Austria, in Argentina, in Israel) and the historic background that enriches the information. Immediacy is provided by several phone calls where we watch him continue his search — interrupting the narrative detailing this, his final day before retirement.


The office will be packed up, the items shipped to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, but the man himself will not become a museum piece.


Dugan captures every nuance of his subject, the hesitant old man’s walk, his Austrian accent and inflections, his shaking hands, and his unending passion for justice.


Most important, this is not a somber, painful show. Dugan incorporates wit and humor as he changes pace to vary cleverly mounted dramatic moments.


The legendary Wiesenthal had an outstanding life and Dugan gives an outstanding performance, building suspense and maintaining audience interest throughout.


There is not a slow or dull moment in what Dugan has aptly dubbed, “part memoir, part spy thriller.” Not to be missed !


Highly Recommended !

Beverly Friend, Ph.D.

Member, American Theater Critics Assn.